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Podcast Archive


Focus on These 7 Investing Fundamentals to Make Your Money Go Further in Retirement


Focus on these 7 fundamentals that will ultimately help you make the most out of every dollar you’ve saved for retirement.

Co-host: Paul West, Mark Schlipman

Think You’re Ready to Retire? Think Again! Here’s Your 60-Minute Retirement Crash Course!


Think you’re ready to retire? Despite their confidence, 3 out of 4 Americans can’t pass a basic retirement quiz! Get a retirement crash course on this week’s episode of Wealth From Wisdom with hosts Ron and Paul.

Co-host: Paul West

7 Things You Must Know Before You Claim Your Social Security Benefits


Social Security is likely to be one of your most important sources of retirement income, but the amount you will receive can vary considerably based on when you sign up and your marital status. Join Ron and Paul as they share seven things you should know as you decide when to claim Social Security benefits.

Co-host: Paul West

7 Simple Strategies to Simplify Planning for Retirement


Having a successful financial game plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about how a handful of simple steps could make a world of difference. Join Ron and Paul as they discuss how to take these simple steps to pursue your retirement goals.

Topics: Retirement Planning

Co-host: Paul West

Setting the Record Straight on 7 Toxic Investing Myths


People adopt certain beliefs, or make assumptions about investing for retirement. Join Ron and guest Mark Schlipman to set the record straight on 7 toxic investing myths you see and hear in your everyday client meetings.

Co-host: Ron Carson, Mark Schlipman

Everything You Need to Know About Withdrawing Money From Your IRA and 401K in Retirement


Contributing to an IRA or 401K is easy, but withdrawing this money in retirement gets complicated. If you’re not paying attention, you could easily trigger an avalanche of taxes, penalties and fees. Listen to Ron and Paul on why having a strategy is so important.

Co-host: Paul West

9 Common Social Security Assumptions That Could Cost You a Small Fortune!


Let’s set the record straight on several common social security assumptions that could cost thousands of dollars in retirement. Join Ron and Paul as they tackle some of the most common incorrect assumptions people make about Social Security.

Topics: Social Security, Retirement

Co-host: Paul West

There’s a 60% Chance You’ll Retire Unexpectedly … Here’s How to Prepare Yourself Now!


Staggering statistic that most people don’t retire on their own terms, according to a research study featured in USA Today, 60% of U.S. workers retire sooner than they expected. Join Ron and Paul as they discuss strategies to prepare for early retirement.

Topics: Retirement

Co-host: Paul West

Could Living a Long Life Cause You to Go Broke? Strategies to Make Your Money Last!


Today, people are living well into their 80’s and 90’s. And it’s not uncommon to know of someone who is 100+ years old. In fact, some seniors aren’t just surviving in their older years, they’re thriving. And the statistics keep improving every year. Join Ron and Paul as they discuss topics and strategies for not outliving your wealth!

Topics: Longevity, retirement

Co-host: Paul West

Is Any Upside Left ln The Market … Worth the Downside Risk?


Is there any upside gain left in the market? And if so, is it worth the downside risk at this stage of the game? Join Ron Carson as he discusses where to find value with markets at all time highs!

Topics: Risk

Co-host: Paul West

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