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This is How Your Different Income Sources Get Taxed in Retirement…


How much will you pay in taxes in retirement on your IRA, 401K and other investments? On this episode, learn how some forward-looking tax strategies could help you save thousands.

Topics: Retirement, Taxes

Co-host: Paul West, Jim Caldwell

Critical Steps To Take Now, Before You Call It Quits


Do you plan to retire in the next 5 years? If so, that clock is officially ticking. But, there is a lot more work to be done than you know. The planning and preparation you do now can determine your success or failure.

Topics: Retirement, Preparation

Co-host: Paul West

A Second Opinion on Your Investments Could Save Your Retirement


Some things in life you can’t leave to chance, and that includes your financial game plan. Learn 7 reasons why a second opinion could save your retirement on Wealth From Wisdom.

Topics: Retirement, Financial Game Plan

Co-host: Ron Carson, Paul West

Making the Most Out of Social Security


Almost $10 Billion in Social Security benefits goes unclaimed every year. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On this episode, learn how to navigate the complicated process of claiming your benefits.

Co-host: Paul West

The Untrustworthy Side of Financial Services


65% of Americans do not fully trust financial services. On this episode, Ron and Paul discuss the negative side of financial services, and how you can avoid it.

Co-host: Paul West

How Not to Go Bust With Your Inheritance


Baby Boomers are set to inherit $11.6 Trillion from the greatest generation. But, 1 in 3 people who receive an inheritance will go bust in 2 years. On this episode, Paul and special guest Jeremy Willner of MAG Wealth Management will talk about how to handle receiving an inheritance.

Co-host: Paul West, Jeremy Willner

Navigating Fact vs. Fiction in Financial Advice


Every day you are force-fed investing advice from all directions. How can you tell what is good advice and what isn’t? On this episode, learn how to navigate the fact and fiction of financial advice.

Topics: Financial Advice

Co-host: Paul West

Maintaining Your Money in Retirement


More than 40% of Americans are at risk of going broke in retirement. Tune in to this week’s episode to learn why that statistic is true, and how you can make sure you aren’t part of it.

Co-host: Paul West

Becoming Financially Independent


What does it mean to be financially independent, and how can you get there? Learn all about what being financially independent means for you.

Topics: Financial Independence

Co-host: Paul West

The Most Overlooked Risk in Retirement


What are the risks that will threaten your financial security in retirement? You might be thinking stock market risk or investment risk, but you would just be scratching the surface. Today, there are far more significant risks that could cost you a small fortune in retirement. On this episode, learn the most overlooked risk that could crush you in retirement.

Topics: Retirement Risks

Co-host: Paul West