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Podcast Archive

9 Not-So-Obvious Year-End Financial Planning Tips


Join Ron and Paul as they discuss 9 year-end financial planning tips starting the week after Thanksgiving! As you head into the holiday’s, you wont want to miss these tips that could save you thousands of dollars.

Topics: Financial Planning

Co-host: Paul West

10 Things Successful Investors NEVER Do!


If you could speak with the most successful investors in the world … What would they tell you to do with your investments today? And what would they tell you not to do? Join your co-hosts Mark and Paul as they discuss 10 things smart investors never do!

Topics: Investor Behavior

Co-host: Paul West, Mark Schlipman

5 Toxic Investing Behaviors That Could Sabotage Your Retirement!


Investors are prone to making irrational decisions. The simple truth is that what feels good, or what satisfies an immediate impulse, is not always compatible with generating positive, long-term returns

Topics: Investor Behavior

Co-host: Paul West, Jim Caldwell

How to Turn Your Savings & Investments into an Income Workhorse!


Traditional “go-to” options for generating income are dead.

  • Pensions are all but history.
  • Rates on CD’s and savings accounts are low.
  • Bond yields aren’t any better.
  • Investing in stocks right now is potentially risky
  • And life expediencies keep getting longer, and longer.

Don’t just have a retirement plan. Be sure you have a strategy to generate income from a handful of diversified sources.

Topics: Income

Co-host: Paul West

Surviving the Next Major Market Correction


The market has surprised everyone by breaking record, after record, after record. And many investors have made the dangerous assumption that this market … is unstoppable. Join Ron and Paul as they discuss ways you can help yourself survive the next major market correction.

Topics: Downside Protection, Risk

Co-host: Paul West

Focus on These 7 Investing Fundamentals to Make Your Money Go Further in Retirement


Focus on these 7 fundamentals that will ultimately help you make the most out of every dollar you’ve saved for retirement.

Co-host: Paul West, Mark Schlipman

Think You’re Ready to Retire? Think Again! Here’s Your 60-Minute Retirement Crash Course!


Think you’re ready to retire? Despite their confidence, 3 out of 4 Americans can’t pass a basic retirement quiz! Get a retirement crash course on this week’s episode of Wealth From Wisdom with hosts Ron and Paul.

Co-host: Paul West

7 Things You Must Know Before You Claim Your Social Security Benefits


Social Security is likely to be one of your most important sources of retirement income, but the amount you will receive can vary considerably based on when you sign up and your marital status. Join Ron and Paul as they share seven things you should know as you decide when to claim Social Security benefits.

Co-host: Paul West

7 Simple Strategies to Simplify Planning for Retirement


Having a successful financial game plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about how a handful of simple steps could make a world of difference. Join Ron and Paul as they discuss how to take these simple steps to pursue your retirement goals.

Topics: Retirement Planning

Co-host: Paul West

Setting the Record Straight on 7 Toxic Investing Myths


People adopt certain beliefs, or make assumptions about investing for retirement. Join Ron and guest Mark Schlipman to set the record straight on 7 toxic investing myths you see and hear in your everyday client meetings.

Co-host: Ron Carson, Mark Schlipman