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Podcast Archive

7 Pitfalls of Asset Allocation


If you don’t have a properly diversified investment portfolio … you could erase years of hard work, savings and sacrifice … all in the blink of an eye. In this episode, Ron and Paul discuss how you can diversify your portfolio, do more with your money, and reduce risk.

Topics: Diversification, Asset Allocation

Co-host: Paul West

7 Mistakes Made in Retirement


As you get closer and closer to retirement, you will be bombarded with thousands of decisions. In this episode, Ron and Brook cover the 7 mistakes most people make in retirement, and how to avoid them.

Topics: Mistakes Made in Retirement

Co-host: Brook Thompson

Social Security: Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars


In this week’s show, Ron and Paul discuss social security, and how you could avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars in benefits.

Topics: Social Security

Co-host: Paul West

FMP Volatility Roars Back


Volatility is roaring back on Wall Street! What does it all mean for you and your investments?

Topics: Volatility, Market Strategies

Co-host: Paul West

The RMD Tax Trap and Volatility


If you own an IRA, 401K, or other pre-tax retirement account, you will be impacted by required minimum distributions learn more with Ron and Paul on this weeks episode

Topics: RMD, Volatility

Co-host: Paul West

Avoiding High Tax-Fees


Many Americans use the tax laws to their benefit, and can legally get away with avoiding high tax fees. Learn how you can do the same.

Topics: Retirement, high tax fees

Co-host: Paul West

Living Past Your 100th Birthday


There are over 450,000 people over the age of 100. Humans are living longer than ever, but are they ready for the longer retirement that comes with that? Ron & Paul will teach you how to prepare yourself for a longer retirement than you expected.

Topics: Longer Retirement, Living Past Your 100th Birthday

Co-host: Paul West

Preparing for Unexpected Retirement


It’s a fact … 60% of Americans will retire unexpectedly. Learn 5 steps to prepare yourself now … no matter what curveballs life throws your way.

Topics: Unexpected Retirement,

Co-host: Paul West, Jim Caldwell

The Daunting Challenges Women Face in Retirement


Women live longer than men. And that poses several unique and daunting challenges that threaten their retirement. Learn what they are with Paul West.

Topics: Women, Retirement

Co-host: Paul West

The Road to Retirement


The Road to Retirement is complicated and confusing, and many people make easily-avoidable mistakes. Learn how to avoid these mistakes, and how to save yourself thousands of dollars in fees.

Topics: Retirement, Unnecessary fees

Co-host: Paul West