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Podcast Archive

5 Expenses that Could Blindside You In Retirement & The One Thing You Could Do To Protect Yourself


Do you think you have a bullet proof budget for retirement? Learn 5 huge expenses that could blindside you, and the strategies that could help protect yourself on this Wealth From Wisdom episode.

Topics: Retirement, Expenses

Co-host: Paul West, Jim Caldwell

The Answers to Your Retirement Questions, Doubts & Concerns


Have you ever wondered if you’ve saved enough for retirement? How much you can afford to spend? Or if you’ll run out of money? Ron Carson and Paul West will answer your biggest questions on Wealth From Wisdom and share 7 strategies that could make your money go a lot further than you thought possible.

Topics: Retirement

Co-host: Paul West

You Probably Overpaid the IRS


This year, Americans paid more than $1 BILLION than they needed to in taxes. How? Americans ignore the one thing that could help them save money in taxes – having a forward looking tax strategy. In this episode, Ron and Paul will teach you how to develop a strategy that works best for you.

Topics: Taxes

Co-host: Paul West

Stock Market Volatility & Retirement


One day, the stock market is up 500 points. The next day, it is down 1,000. That is just the new world we live in. We’ve had more stock market volatility in the past few weeks than in the past decade. This poses problem for those recently retired, or who are nearing retirement.

Co-host: Paul West, Jim Caldwell

How You Should Think About Blockchain


You’ve heard all about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, but have you ever wondered what really enabled all of it to happen, and why it will be a big deal? In this episode Ron and his special guests will arm you with information on how you need to think about Blockchain.

Topics: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Co-host: Aviad Haimi-Cohen, Nathana O'Brien Sharma

Could You Retire Sooner Than You Think?


Do you ever dream of retiring where every day is yours to do whatever you want to do …

Like traveling; spending time with your family; playing golf; or pursuing your passion?

That may seem like some faraway fantasy …

But there are a lot of people who will retire long before their 65th birthday.

And you could too!

Learn how you could retire sooner than you ever thought possible in 4 simple steps.

Topics: Retirement, Taxes

Co-host: Paul West

5 Things You MUST Know About Your IRA and 401K!


How will you make the most out of your IRA and 401K? Learn the 5 things you MUST know about your retirement accounts on this episode.

Topics: Retirement, Taxes

Co-host: Jim Caldwell

How Inflation Could Impact Your Retirement


Every dollar you’ve saved for retirement today could be worth less tomorrow … All because of inflation. In this episode, Paul & Jim cover the little-known strategies that could help you stay one step ahead of inflation in retirement!

Topics: Inflation, Retirement

Co-host: Paul West, Jim Caldwell

7 Pitfalls of Asset Allocation


If you don’t have a properly diversified investment portfolio … you could erase years of hard work, savings and sacrifice … all in the blink of an eye. In this episode, Ron and Paul discuss how you can diversify your portfolio, do more with your money, and reduce risk.

Topics: Diversification, Asset Allocation

Co-host: Paul West

7 Mistakes Made in Retirement


As you get closer and closer to retirement, you will be bombarded with thousands of decisions. In this episode, Ron and Brook cover the 7 mistakes most people make in retirement, and how to avoid them.

Topics: Mistakes Made in Retirement

Co-host: Brook Thompson